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Love is in the air.....

On this day, in 1916 Hans Rasmussen and Theresa Mabrito Rodler were married.   Hans is my great grand uncle.      He was born in Denmark and moved to the Utah when he 6, his younger brother James is my great grand father Theresa Mabrito was born in Colorado.     This was her 2nd marriage, and she already had 2 young boys.   The exact cause of her first husbands death is not documented - but family lore is that he was killed in a mining accident.

Theresa was born in Colorado, her family had emigrated to the United States from Italy.   Her family were miners, as was her first husband.   It's not clear how Hans and Theresa met - currently there are 2 working theories - either Hans, who also spent some time as a miner, met her while in Colorado.   Or, they met in Utah.   Theresa's brother was living in Utah at that time, and his draft card lists their mother as a dependent and partially disabled - so perhaps Theresa came to visit?     Han's great grandson is working on this mystery.

In addition to the 2 boys from Theresa's first marriage, Hans and Theresa had 7 more children.

Hans Rasmussen Family - 1920 Census - Elsinore Utah

A little bit about Hans:

From the history my grandfather wrote, I know that Hans' and James' father was very strict.  One story is that the boys were allowed 1tb of sugar each morning for their coffee - but if they spilled 1 crystal, they got none.  His parents - Niels and Hansina Rasmussen joined the Mormon church while living in Denmark, and moved to the United States.  According to my grandfathers history, once Niels arrived in Utah and learned of polygamy, he would never have anything to do with the Mormon Church again.

Niels and Hansine Rasmussen
with James (Baby) and Hans (Standing)

Below is the record of Hans Birth, it is on line 113 - his parents had not yet selected a name for the baby when the priest recorded his birth.  The translation is this: Born 8 Dec 1885 the son of Niels Rasmussen and Hansine Maden (21) years old living at Tolderlundsvej # 6.

Theresa died on December 4, 1952

Hans Died on July 5, 1958.

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  1. Hello Michelle, I was doing some genealogy research and ran into your blog. We are related :). My Great Grandfather is Otto Rasmussen, Hans' and James' younger brother. Otto married their youngest brother, Erastus', widow when he passed away (Laura Lavern Hunt) and cared for their 6 children and had 4 more. My Grandpa is Otto Junior, the oldest of Otto and Laura's children. Although we have a big Rasmussen family reunion every summer on Great Grandpa Otto's birthday, until recently I never knew much about his siblings. So interesting to find a distant relative blogging about my family history! Nice to ::meet:: you!
    Kim Newman