Thursday, January 9, 2014

Doctor and Tavern Keeper

My 5th Great Grandfather, Amos Howe, was born on this day in Worchester, Massachusetts.    Amos lived only to 39, but did accomplish quite a bit in those years.

Amos Howe became a doctor and in 1797 moved to Richmond, NH to set up practice.  He established his office in Jedediah Buffum's house, where he met and later married Candace Buffam.   Amos and Candace had 6 children.

In addition to practicing medicine, Dr. Howe was issued a tavern keep's license and he and Candace established a tavern in Four Corners, Richmond, New Hampshire.    At the time - only respectable members of a community could be issued a tavern license.

In 1812, Dr. Amos Howe went to Sackets Harbor NY along with other members of the Richmond community to serve during the War of 1812.  There is no known record of Dr. Howe serving in any military capacity, and it is assumed he served as a civilian doctor.

Amos died in 1813 in Sackets Harbor NY, leaving Candace with 5 children (one of their children died as an infant).     After Amos' death, Candace continued to operate the tavern in Richmond, which became known as the Widow Howe's Tavern.    She later became a postmaster as well, and the tavern served as the post office.

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