Friday, January 30, 2015

Family History Library

Yes - I live near Salt Lake City, Utah, and Yes - I love family history, and No - I have never been to the Family History Library........ until TODAY!!!!

ComiCon is going on in downtown Salt Lake, a stones throw from the Family History Library - so I decided to go early.   The FHL opens at 8am - I was there at 7:55am!!     Found a place to park (street parking is limited to 2 hours!!!!) and headed in!

I've been anticipating this for a couple days, I had a citation in hand, and limited expectations for the day.   I wanted to get familiar with the FHL, find the citation, and attend a class regarding how to handle incorrect relationships in

In I go!    There is a LOT of Mormon FHL missionaries in the entrance - all eager to help me!    This is good - since I have no clue where to go!    One approaches me and directs me to a room to watch an introductory short video, and gives me the name tag that lets everybody around you that you are a n00b and may need extra attention.  After the video, he took me to the main room and found someone to help me find the microfilm with my citation.

My citation is not something she's seen before.  Of course - everything I've tried to run down for Mr. James Gates has been difficult, why would this be different?     We get it figured out in short order, and head off to the ROWS and ROWS and ROWS and ROWS............. of microfilm.

We find the drawer with my box and she takes me to the viewer stations (I haven't touched a micro-fiche machine in close to 30 years!)   I get settled and hit the microfilm.  

Unfortunately - the record doesn't provided much help with Mr. Gates, but I'm glad it prompted me to head to the FHL!!!

One thing I had heard, but fully realized the power of, is that the ENTIRE FHL catalog is on line.   Now that I'm more familiar with this part of the search options on, I'll use it to help.   Then next time - I can have a stack of items to look up!

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