Saturday, February 8, 2014

RootsTech Day 3 - The LAST Day!

I'm sorry to see #RootsTech end....... my posterior, however, is VERY glad to see it end!   That is a lot of sitting on hard chairs in 3 days!!!

Keynotes today were both fantastic!  

First - Todd Hansen of Genealogy Roadshow.   I have not been watching this show - I will be!   

Next -Stephanie Nielson.    What an amazing story!    I think everybody in the entire room was crying!   I know me, and everybody around me - including the rowdy teenage boys behind me were!   Plus - they shut up and paid attention - finally! 

Breakouts today:
  • Putting Your Ancestors in Historical Perspective:  Extracting Stories from Military Records on Fold3 and   Longest title ever!!!!  This breakout gave some great ideas and hints about how its not just about the specific people - but those around them and the events around them.    I will use many things I learned!
  • Lunch with AncestryDNA.   Great food (I was surprised!!!) and really interesting panel discussion including people from on the technological and scientific side of the DNA process.   Many questions!   One little snafu at the end - each table had a winner of a DNA kit - but they put the random indicator under the dessert plates.......which had already been cleared!   Ooooops!
  • Information Overload:  Managing Online Searches and Their Results.   This was interesting to me - probably not in the way it was intended to be.   The method he described was right out of the Agile Method handbook used by software developers.    A LOT like it.     I wonder which came first, and I wonder if he realizes it?  I was kind of chuckling!!!    I did learn about a new search engine I plan to try -   
  • Getting the most out of    I already use and this was a pretty basic.  
  • Finding Stories on Google Books.   I LOVED this breakout.  I learned a bunch, and the presenter was fantastic.  VERY informative and funny at the same time!

Sorry - no pictures - I got tired of taking pictures of screens - and . . . . . . . I'm tired!..

OK - I'll throw in an obligatory dog shot. . . . . . (Once again - this is for you Ree Dummond!!!)

This is the "proof of life" shot my sister sent me yesterday - confirming that she was taking care of the beasts at home!

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