Friday, February 7, 2014

RootsTech Day 2

Another fantastic day at #RootsTech!!!!

Another early start at Starbucks, and then the keynote speakers at RootsTech.

This Starbucks advertises Camel Flan Lattes - - - I'm scared!

First Judy Russell, aka The Legal Genealogist, the author of a very popular genealogy blog - click here for a link to her blog.  The theme of her presentation is the necessity of "purposely" passing down stories.   The catch phrase - stories can be lost in just 3 generations.  

Next came Dr. Spencer Wells from National Geographic.   He heads up The Genographic Project, and was introduced as the Indiana Jones of gathering DNA.     Though he was talking about very technical science, he did a great job of making it understandable

Next up for me:  Using AncestryDNA to Further Your Family History Research.   This was informative and continued the "sciency" theme started by Dr. Wells.    Lot's of questions in this one from the audience.    I've already had my DNA analysed by AncestryDNA and it is fascinating.  I'm in the process of getting samples from my aunt and uncle, since I am not able to get any samples from my parents.     I keep hoping that DNA will help me solve the Shepherd Brick Wall!!!!!

The next stop - Blog hiSTORY  (that isn't a typo - the presenter wanted the STORY to be the focus!)  This was a fascinating presentation by Julie McDonald of Leelou Blogs - link here.  I already use Blogger - which is what she recommends.  A lot of the information about how to use Blogger I knew - but I enjoyed her stories, and she had the best video ever of her daughter.  The audience questions were interesting.

Next - Getting the Most out of - presented by The Barefoot Genealogist herself - Crista Cowan.   I love watching her videos on youtube and I was thrilled to find I had an actual, bonafied relationship to - thanks to AncestryDNA.    It was even more thrilling to actually see her present.   I learned lots of things I can do in to help with searches!

Last - Basic Online Resources for the Beginning Genealogist with Lisa Alzo.   I thought since I started doing family history with no actual direction - I may learn some tricks here.   Not so much.   The tone of the presenter came off to me as rather condescending, this was not my favorite breakout.

Tomorrow is the last day!!!

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