Monday, May 12, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 19 - A Wedding........ And Fun with the groom........

This story is about my parents - but mostly about my dad - Michael Rasmussen.  Updates today - my Great Aunt Nadine reminded me of some additional details.   A fantastic lesson on just how fast details get lost - I forgot some after only a week!!!!  

Big thanks to my great aunt and uncle for sharing this with me!    Not to mention participating in the teasing!

My parents were married on Flag Day - June 14, 1963.    Following the festivities, the family was gathered at my grandparents house.     My father worked in construction at the time, and several family members had been teasing him  - saying they were going to drive his car into the large hole that had been made to form the foundation for the 5 Points Shopping Center, in Bountiful, Utah.

So........ Mike goes into the house, and a couple brothers, and uncles push his car around the corner and attach a bunch of cans to it.      He comes out - and the car is missing!        Not amused, he hops into another car and heads to 5 Points Shopping Center.

Of course - the car is not there.      He heads back to the house - and sees the car around the corner.   He goes and gets the car - takes off the cans, and pulls it into the driveway - and heads back into the house, seriously annoyed.     The relatives strike again - this time pushing the car into the garage and shutting the door.  

He comes out again - and sees the car is missing - again and throws his hands up in the air.     I'm not exactly sure who told him where the car was this time.   Ah hah - an answer - when he came out - the person pulling the car into the garage hit the brakes and he saw them - so he knew something was up........again.

When its time to leave - and Mike and Bette get into their car and head to their apartment in Salt Lake.      The trouble makers get into a car and follow - and every time Mike and Bette's car stops at a stop sign - someone hops out and tries to attach cans to Mike and Bette's car.     Finally Mike realizes what is going on and starts making turns to lose them.    They never did successfully get the cans attached.

No problem - they know where the apartment is and head over that way.    A little later - they knock on the door.    My poor parents!

Revenge was had the next day - on the way out of town to the honeymoon, Mike stopped by his parents house where people were staying.  He quietly went down the hallway with water in hand, opened up the door and thew cold water on people!!!!

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